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ICTV is a Minnesota 501(c)(3) with a mission to strengthen Itasca Area Communities through public access media.  For...

ICTV Programs:  If you like it, you can have it.  In most cases, ICTV programming is available on DVD for the public...

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Videos for and about our community

Embedded thumbnail for Just Outdoors - Medicines In Our Woods

Just Outdoors host Tom Chapin talks with Ted Frick and Shane Dugan about natural health remedies...

Embedded thumbnail for Grand Rapids Hockey vs Duluth East 2018-Highlights

Grand Rapids Hockey vs Duluth East-Jan 15 2018-Last year's State Champion Grand Rapids face off...

Embedded thumbnail for Grand Rapids Hockey vs Duluth East-2018-Full Game

Grand Rapids Hockey hosts Duluth East-Jan 15 2018 The Grand Rapids boys hockey team fell to...

Embedded thumbnail for Grand Rapids Hockey vs Benilde St Margaret's-Full Game-2017

Grand Rapids Hockey vs Benide St Margaret's-Full Game-2017-BSM wins 5 to 0. Grand Rapids goalie...

Embedded thumbnail for Grand Rapids Hockey vs Benilde St. Magaret's-2017

Grand Rapids Hockey vs Benilde St. Magaret's-2017- Benilde Wins 5 to 0-IRA Arena Grand Rapids...

About us

Itasca Community Television, Inc., does business as ICTV.  We are the only television station dedicated to the Itasca County area of Minnesota.  That means we care about what happens every day from our local schools to our city halls.  We are funded by the Grand Rapids Area Cable Commission, the Blandin Foundation, Itasca County, our members and services.  As a nonprofit, our goal is to put what we earn into great TV for you.


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